パラダイス・ロスト(Paradise Lost) は、1988年にウェスト・ヨークシャーで結成された、イングランドのゴシックメタルを代表するバンド。 「ゴシックメタル」というジャンル名は彼らの2ndアルバムGothicに由来し、マイ・ダイイング・ブライド、アナセマと共に黎明期ゴシックメタルシーンのの中心であった「ザ・ピースヴィル・スリー」(The Peaceville Three)の一角を成した。


Shades Of GodShades Of God is the third album by Paradise Lost. It features the use of growling noticeable in the band's previous efforts although shows the beginning of the transition to more 'clean' vocals seen on the album 'Icon'.
Shades Of God コードProduced, engineered and mixed by Simon Efemey. Recorded at Longhome Studios, Northants. March / April 1992. Guest keyboards by Robert John Godfrey. Additional Female Vocals by Sarah Marrion. Design and Illustration by Dave McKean. Band Photography by George Chin.
As I DieAs I Die is an EP by Paradise Lost. [edit] Track listing "As I Die" ? 3:51 "Rape of Virtue" ? 4:48 "Death Walks Behind You" ? 6:30 (Cover of an Atomic Rooster song) "Eternal" (live) ? 4:29
As I Die コードParadise Lost Nick Holmes ? Greg Mackintosh ? Aaron Aedy ? Steve Edmondson ? Adrian Erlandsson Lee Morris ? Matthew Archer ? Jeff Singer ? Mark Heron ? Peter Damin
Say Just Words"Say Just Words" is a single by Paradise Lost from their 1997 album One Second. Two alternate track listings exist for this single as with the One Second single.
Say Just Words コードTrack listing 2 Say Just Words(Edit) - 2:56 How Soon is Now? - 4:36 Albino Flogged In Black - 6:30 Say Just Words - 4:02






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