ソウルフライ(Soulfly)は、ブラジリアン・スラッシュメタル・シンガーのマックス・カヴァレラ(Max Cavalera)が、1997年に立ち上げたヘヴィメタルバンド。 スラッシュメタル、ニュー・メタルだけでなくブラジル、アフリカのワールドミュージックの要素も取り入れ、これまでに『ソウルフライ(Soulfly)』『プリミティブ(Primitive)』『3』『プロフェシー(Prophecy)』『ダーク・エイジズ(Dark Ages)』『コンクァー(Conquer)』の、6枚のアルバムをリリースした。


The Beautiful People(Soulfly)The single peaked at number 26 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart and remains known as one of Marilyn Manson's most famous and most successful original songs; in a 2004 review, Richard Banks of the BBC called the track
Eye for an EyeThis article is about the principle of retributive justice. For other uses, see Eye for an Eye (disambiguation).
Eye for an Eye コードThe meaning of the principle Eye for an Eye is that a person who has injured another person returns the offending action to the originator in compensation.
Seek 'n' StrikeMusic videos  Year 2002 "Seek 'n' Strike" Director Christoffer Salzgeber
Seek 'n' Strike コードDark Ages (album)  Track listing  Bonus tracks The Digipack and Japanese editions of Dark Ages contain additional tracks:  3."Seek 'n' Strike" (Live) ? 4:14
Back to the PrimitivePrimitive is the second LP by the metal band Soulfly released in 2000 through Roadrunner Records. Track listing  iTunes Bonus Track Version (Tracks 13-16):  2. "Back to the Primitive" (Dub Shit Up Mix) - 4:33
Back to the Primitive コードProphecy is the fourth studio album by the metal band Soulfly and it was released in 2004.  Track listing  European version contains live bonus tracks recorded live at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden on June 15, 2001:  1. "Back to the Primitive" ? 4:09






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